Saturday, 17 May 2014

The world's most famous Unagi restaurant 料理: うなぎ 店名: かぶと



I LOVE Unagi and Kabuto(this restaurant) is the world's most famous Unagi restaurant, so to say I was looking forward to this meal would be an understatement.

レストランの雰囲気はとっても面白い。鰻は目の前に殺されて、作られるから。面白い手続きだったけど、 鰻の心臓を食べるほど面白くなかった!!映画を見たら、分かる!殺されたところだったから、まだ動いていた!!! (O_O)

The restaurant's atmosphere is really interesting. The Unagi is killed and prepared in front of your eyes. An interesting process, but not nearly as interesting as eating an Unagi's heart!! You'll understand when you watch the video! Because it had only just been killed, the heart was still moving!!!! 0_0


It was EXTREMELY strange. I think you're supposed to eat it without chewing, but I chewed and for about 10 minutes the inside of my mouth felt SUPER weird. Definitely a cool experience though!


However, the most important thing is of course the Unajuu. Kabutos' Unajuu is prepared according to the Osaka style, which means no steaming and straight to the grill. This means that it's not nearly as soft. It was actually a little rough and the taste wasn't as thick either. I don't mean to say it was bad, but it was definitely not as good as Unagi restaurants such as Ichinoya, Obana and Aikawa.


It's really unfortunate, but it looks like there don't exist any Unagi restaurants that are even more delicious than Aikawa.

Rating: 4/5

3000円 - 5800円


One of the best Unagi restaurants in the world 料理: うなぎ 店名: 尾花


This was my first time eating Unagi wrapped in omelette and even though I LOVE Japanese omelette and I LOVE Unagi, the combination was not the sum of it's parts. However, Obana is a VERY nice Unagi restaurant. The old building is just awesome.

The Unagi is not quite my favorite type. I like Unagi that has been grilled quite a lot even to the point where it is somewhat black. This is because I've noticed that heavily grilled Unagi has a more intense taste. The Unagi at Obana(this restaurant) is not of this sort and grilled very evenly and not to the point where it's black. However, I can see why people call this the best Unagi in the world, because even though the taste isn't quite as deep and intense as certain other restaurants like Aikawa, the balance of everything is just SUPERB! It's hard to properly explain, but it is really really good and I don't think I could argue with anyone claiming this is the best Unagi in the world. I just slightly prefer the more heavily grilled variant served at places like Aikawa.

Although Obana is a bit futher from my home, I'll definitely come again!

Rating: 5+/5

4500円 - 5500円


New York Grill Review 料理: ステーキ 店名: ニューヨークグリル


The New York Grill... well it's sort of what I expected. The view is stunning and the atmosphere is great, but the food is so-so. It's not terrible by any means, but for this kind of money you usually get a lot better food. However, if you're going here for the food you're going here for the wrong reason.
It's definitely somewhat of a must-visit if you get the chance, because of the stunning view, but you don't actually have to eat at the restaurant to enjoy the view, because they have a bar as well. So next time I want to enjoy the best view in Tokyo, I think I'll just visit the NY bar instead.

Rating: 4-/5

Depends on what you eat. You could spend 25.000JPY per person pretty easily if you drink, but on the lower end expect to pay a little over 10.000JPY per person.

Best Unagi in the world!!! 料理: うなぎ 店名: 愛川



I've been to all of the famous Unagi restaurants in Tokyo except for 1. Out of all those restaurants, Aikawa in Takadanobaba is #1! I've had better pickles and I've also tasted better rice, but there may not be a more delicious Unagi than this one!
It was steamed first and then grilled according to the Edo tradition. The result was heaven! I experienced EXTREME softness and overwhelmingly intense flavours!!!
I'm super happy this isn't far from where I live! I'll definitely be going often, whenever I am craving Unagi!

Update: I've been to the #1 ranked restaurant since then, but Aikawa remains my favorite. Definitely the #1 Unagi in the world and all the friends I've taken there thus far wholeheartedly agree with me!

Rating: 5++/5

2700円 - 5100円


Sushi Lunch in Ginza 料理: 寿司 店名: 鮨 石島



At Sushi Ishijima they serve a 1000JPY lunch with the leftover fish from the last evening. It's not amazing and I assume their dinner is much much better, but a well above average lunch good value lunch nonetheless.

Rating: 4/5
最悪のピース: 鳥貝
最高のピース: 穴子
Worst Piece: Torigai
Best Piece: Anago



Tsukiji's Sushi Dai, is it worth the 3 hour wait? 料理: 寿司 店名:寿司大

Finally after 3 hours and 20 minutes of waiting we arrived at the front of the queue!

The Miso was better than most miso soups, but not amazing.

The Fatty Tuna. It was clear the Sushi here is good.

The Sea Urchin wasn't great, in spite of it being Sea Urchin season.

An empty Sushi Dai!! A very rare sight!

I don't like this style of Omelette

The Akami(Lean Tuna) was Amazing!! About as good as at JPY20.000+ Sushi restaurants!

Because it was the first Katsuo of the season this was also extremely good!


Sushi Dai is definitely an extremely good sushi restaurant! It's not quite as good as JPY20.000+ Sushi restaurants, but it's similar and gives you an idea of what the best sushi in the world is like. However, Sushi Dai is not JPY20.000+ and it's not JPY10.000+. It's not even JPY5.000+! It's less than JPY5.000!!! I think you definitely need to go once, but because the wait is over 3 hours, I prefer the JPY20.000+ Sushi Restaurants.

Rating: 5/5
最悪のピース: 雲丹
最高のピース: 赤味
Worst Piece: Uni
Best Piece: Lean Tuna

The small course is about 2500JPY and the big course is 4000JPY. We ordered the big one plus another 4 pieces and paid 5000JPY.